Thanks to its pluridisciplinary expertise, NOVECAL offers all kinds of R&D and Innovation services in organic chemistry, materials science and cosmetics.

Keeping in mind the concepts of green chemistry, we adress multiple challenges in formulations improvement. We are involved in oleochemistry, viscosity modulation and gelation using natural products, crosslinking, and curing. We also study the dispersion and stabilization of metal oxide and metal particles on surfaces, using synthetic or natural ligands.

Catalysis is another core activity of NOVECAL. We have all required skills and equipment to optimize your chemical syntheses from research to production, through a large panel of catalysis operations. In addition, we develop our own innovative products, perfectly suited for industrial purposes: homogeneous and supported ligands (imidazoliums, phosphines, and salens), leading to new families of homogeneous and supported metal catalysts (palladium, rhodium, cobalt…), ensuring high TON / TOF for C-C Suzuki and C-N Buchwald cross-couplings and reduction, combined with low leaching and easy metal recovery.








Reactor 20L with thermostatic bath (-45°C to 250°C)













Rotavapor R-220 SE (capacity: 20L)

Our team

Dr Cyril MARTINI, President

PhD in Molecular Chemistry

Dr Vincent HUC, Associate

PhD in Molecular Chemistry

Dr Emmanuelle SCHULZ, Associate

PhD in Organic Chemistry


PhD in Catalysis and Organic Chemistry

Dr Timothée NARET

PhD in Medicinal Chemistry


PhD in Organometallic Chemistry