Catalysis is a core activity of NOVECAL. We have all required skills and know-how to address and optimize your chemical syntheses from research to production, through a large panel of catalysis operations. We develop a range of ligands and supported ligands (carbene, phosphine, and salen), involved in new families of heterogeneous, organometallic catalysts (palladium, rhodium, cobalt…) ensuring high TON / TOF in line with a low leaching in C-C Suzuki cross-coupling, reduction, and epoxide opening reactions.

Thanks to its pluridisciplinary skills, NOVECAL addresses challenges from chemistry to materials. We are specialized in molecular and organometallic chemistry, catalysis, surface chemistry, and nano/microparticles synthesis and stabilization. We propose products to solve industrial concerns as well as R&D and production services. Particularly, we propose various calixarenes derived from benzyloxycalixarenes, with a very large panel of functions. The selective functionalization of each rim allows for enlarging the scope of applications: ions recognition, catalysis, surface passivation, particles stabilization, …





Rotavapor R-220 SE (capacity: 20L)

Reactor 20L with thermostatic bath (-45°C to 250°C)













Our team

Dr Cyril MARTINI, President

PhD in Molecular Chemistry

Dr Vincent HUC, Associate

PhD in Molecular Chemistry

Dr Emmanuelle SCHULZ, Associate

PhD in Organic Chemistry


PhD in Catalysis and Organic Chemistry

Dr Timothée NARET

PhD in Medicinal Chemistry


PhD in Organometallic Chemistry