Catalysis is a core activity of NOVECAL. We have all required skills and know-how to address and optimize your chemical syntheses from research to production, through a large panel of catalysis operations. We develop a range of ligands and supported ligands (carbene, phosphine, and salen), involved in new families of heterogeneous, organometallic catalysts (palladium, rhodium, cobalt…) ensuring high TON / TOF in line with a low leaching in C-C Suzuki cross-coupling, reduction, and epoxide opening reactions.

Thanks to its pluridisciplinary skills, NOVECAL addresses challenges from chemistry to materials. We are specialized in molecular and organometallic chemistry, catalysis, surface chemistry, and nano/microparticles synthesis and stabilization. We propose products to solve industrial concerns as well as R&D and production services. Particularly, we propose various calixarenes derived from benzyloxycalixarenes, with a very large panel of functions. The selective functionalization of each rim allows for enlarging the scope of applications: ions recognition, catalysis, surface passivation, particles stabilization, …





Rotavapor R-220 SE (capacity: 20L)

Reactor 20L with thermostatic bath (-45°C to 250°C)













Our team

Dr Cyril MARTINI, chairman

PhD in Molecular Chemistry

Dr Vincent HUC, Associate

PhD in Molecular Chemistry

Dr Emmanuelle SCHULZ, Associate

PhD in chemistry


PhD student in organometallics / catalysis


PhD in Molecular Chemistry