High performing catalysts

NOVECAL Technology

NOVECAL products are supported catalysts on cyclic molecules.

NOVECAL catalysts properties

Excellent efficiency with very low catalyst amount

Reactive even with bulky and electron rich substrates

High and reproducible metal content

All the catalysts syntheses are performed in solution. It allows for a full control and a full characterization of intermediates and catalysts products

Easy to eliminate with low leaching

Catalysts are removed by filtration at the end of the catalysis step, at room temperature

Compatible with "green solvent"

Catalysts work optimaly in alcohols such as ethanol, propanol or butanol

Easily handled

Catalysts are air-stable

Palladium Catalyst in Suzuki C-C coupling

We're a team that adore what we do

  • Team Member

    Dr. Cyril Martini

    PhD in Molecular Chemistry
    Laureate of i-Lab competition in 2017

    Team Member

    Dr. Vincent Huc

    PhD in Molecular Chemistry
    Co-founder of AJELIS in 2014

    Team Member

    Dr. Ibrahim Abdellah

    PhD in Catalysis Chemistry

  • Team Member

    Inès Khalfallah

    Engineering Degree at ESPCI Paris
    Executive MBA at HEC Paris

    Team Member

    Dr. Emmanuelle Schulz

    Internationally recognized catalysis expert

    Team Member

    Pierre Forest

    CEO of Sterience

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